Estee Lauder Glamour Girl Journey: Counter Experience

So I attended my first counter experience at Estee Lauder Pavillion and it was a day of fab ladies, luxurious products and learning.

I arrived to a friendly, warm welcome from the ladies and then the fun began

The bubbly Nicolene was in charge of skin care and she did a great job of explaining everything to me as well as left my skin feeling soft and looking radiant.

She started off by removing my makeup then moved onto using Idealist Dual Action, which buffs the skin and acts as a thermal exfoliator. She then moved onto Advanced Night Repair, which is a MUST HAVE for all ladies, during the day it protects and at night time it repairs, what more could you ask for from a little brown bottle? The next step was using an illuminator which is known to be an even skin tone corrector.

Top Tips I learnt about skin care

– An outward motion should be used when applying all skin care products.

– A serum’s purpose is to repair any damage

– A moisturiser nourishes and hydrates the skin

– Toner is IMPORTANT

– Exfoliator is the way to go for dry, flaky areas

– SPF is important for everyday use, even when not in the sun

If you value your skin then be sure to adapt a good skin care regime into your lifestyle!

Next I was introduced to the talented and beautiful Nono who was going to be doing my makeup

 This process included

1: Double Wear Concealer, also contains SPF 10

2: Estee Lauder foundation in Shell (my skin tone) it also includes an SPF 10, provides medium to full coverage and doesn’t clog pores

3: Smokey Eye, she used Estee Lauder Bronze Dunes pallette which is a lovely mix of soft nudes and shimmery browns and golds (as above)

4: Blended the eyeshadow

5: Applied eyeliner

6: Applied liquid liner

7: Mascara

8: Lipliner and lipstick in pretty pinks

Top Tips I learnt

– A foundation flower is the way to apply foundation, basically you apply from the nose outwards in a flower formation

– Dab concealer

– Concealer can be applied before, after or before and after foundation, your preference

– When applying eyeshadow, a lighter colour than your skin tone should be used as your base colour, this will highlight the eyes.

– Once again, if your foundation doesn’t have an SPF, be sure to apply one before foundation usage

After the experience I was treated to some Estee Lauder skin care goodies and a huge bouquet of beautiful flowers.

I had a great day and can’t wait for next counter experience.

Thanks to Estee Lauder for this whole journey 🙂

The end result

My fab ladies 🙂

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