Review: Essence lipstick

So I took the plunge and bought an Essence lipstick and I am glad to say that once again it hasn’t disappointed.

I chose Prom Night as I am more of a light lipstick girl and can’t resist pinks. I was impressed with the results after applying it, here’s why:

– It has a beautiful shimmer and shine, looks glossy on my lips which are normally dry and chipped looking when wearing a lipstick (I have to put gloss over) but it seems I can wear this on it’s own

– It moisturizes my lips and doesn’t leave them feeling sticky or dry

– It’s good value for money, R30 a tube

– It gives off a pearl look which is always welcome 🙂

– Application is smooth and even

I am not too sure about the lasting power because I actually took it off about three hours after application, but if I have to redo it every three hours, I’m pretty happy, considering the price and the pros I hav picked up so far.

Have you tried it? what do you think?


2 thoughts on “Review: Essence lipstick

    1. Thanks for the comment, I haven’t tried the glosses, what are they like? I could have gone mad in Clicks, their stuff is just so pretty and their polish colours, wow! 🙂

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