Essence multi action mascara


Mascara is one of the things I struggle most to buy – so many options yet so few that work like magic. Essence Multi Action mascara is one of the few. At only R39.99 you would expect a cheapie that clumps or doesn’t show colour BUT that’s where you will be mistaken. This is definately a product I will buy and use again, I’ll tell you why:

– The brush size is perfect for everyday application

– The brush bristles are close together which seperates the lashes evenly

– It doesn’t clump

– It doesn’t smudge even though it isn’t waterproof

– Doesn’t feel or look heavy despite the amount of coats applied

– It lengthens and volumes while keeping the natural curl

I would suggest this as an everyday mascara because it isn’t super dramatic but does the job and does it well.

Essence is a really great product with good value for money, I have tried an eyeshadow and many nail polishes. Can’t wait to try the new limited range which I blogged about earlier today.


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