The good and the bad – music videos

I love music videos, always have and always will. Although I must say that most of them are more like a story nowadays which can be a yawn fest however if the story is interesting and grips me then it’s a whole different story. I mostly enjoy videos that contain lots of dancing and smooth moves but they are very rare. Anyways

I was shocked at Rihanna’s video for “you da one” I totally get that things have gone all crazy in the music world, artist are getting more outrageous with their music style, their taste in attire and even the hair. I am all for being yourself and if you all funky then go for it BUT Rihanna is now acting like a dude with something between her legs. Throughout this music video she is constantly grabbing something (who knows what) or scratching, who knows? but its not cool! Picture the rapper guys who grab while they being all gangster, that’s her. Puke! To see the video, follow the link below.

Then we have the good – Katy Perry, “the one that got away” the words of this song are beautiful. Katy Perry has also stepped out of her comfort zone recently, however I prefer her normal, the dark hair in a stylish outfit. Instead of the pink hair with smurf clothes. I was happy to see in the video she looked normal (although there is an old lady version of her. She had long, dark hair and looked stunning even with tears in her eyes. This is one of the story videos but is also one that gripped me straight away. The song and the video go perfectly together. The link is below

What do you think of these? agree? disagree?

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