Friends favorites – Nicole

One of my favorite ladies – she knows all about fashion and all about vintage. She made her dream a reality by creating the first ever South African vintage magazine, Vintage Lifestyle Magazine has interesting content and the most beautiful fashion stories. She blogs over here. What are her favorites?

Item of makeup – My MAC Rouge A Levres lipstick

Perfume – Chloe Rose edition

Fashion label – At the moment it’s Mulberry

Movie – Sabrina with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond

Book – I’m enjoying J.D Robb novels (Nora Roberts) right now.

TV Series – Gossip Girl, Private Practice, White Collar, HIMYM, 90210

Abs – My fiance’, Luke, of course

Chocolate – If you buy me Toblerone, I’ll be your friend

Place to relax – Drinking tea on the patio or at Starlings cafe

Thanks Nicole 🙂


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