Lesson learnt: Grow some balls

I am super, incredibly soft hearted! I like myself and consider this to be a good trait, however it can sometimes be a burden in some aspects of life.

I allow people to walk all over me, I allow them to get away with murder and I also allow them to get to me in ways they shouldn’t.

I run away from confrontation and I shudder at the thought of sticking up for myself.

In the workplace, with friendships, even with ordinary people I don’t dare get on their bad side. This has caused many nights of irritation, it has also caused me to back down all too often.

I don’t want to be a negative person and I also don’t want to cause conflict where I don’t have to BUT the fact that I have no balls needs to change.

Lesson learnt: I won’t get very far in life by shying away or not sticking up for what I feel is right because most people won’t take me seriously. I am a big girl and shall act that way!

What have you learnt recently?

2 thoughts on “Lesson learnt: Grow some balls

  1. I used to be like that. But I’ve also learnt to stick up for myself and not be too nice. My most recent lesson has been to not care what others think of me and to just be myself. 🙂

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