2 Broke Girls

If funny one liners are your thing, and you are a girls girl then you probably would enjoy this show.

I started watching it last night, two episodes in and I am hooked! The story goes like this, there’s Max (the brunette) who is a poor, down to earth and sort of crazy lady who works two jobs – one at a restaurant and one babysitting a divas twins. Then there’s Caroline who was a rich princess until daddy got involved with fraud and lost everything. All her assets and money is tied up, she therefore moves to Brooklyn to find a job. She becomes a waitress at the same restaurant as Max. Before Max knows it, her and Caroline are roomies in her apartment, they have a horse living in the back yard and they are starting a cupcake business.

I’m sure the rest of the season will be based on their ventures with the cupcake business. Add a stupid, ridiculously defined ex boyfriend and a chinese guy who changed his name to Bryce Lee for green card purposes to the mix and you have a story containing lots of funnies.

**Image 1, 2, 3


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