Friends favorites – Robynne

Bobbylicious was one of the first blogs I started following and is still one of my absolute favorites, Robynne is incredibly sweet,  is a fellow book lover and always looks adorable in her outfit posts. Her favorites are…

Item of makeup -Can’t live without my blush

Perfume – Coco Mademoiselle is just too lovely

Fashion label – I adore Modcloth

Movie – Breakfast at Tiffanys. I could watch it over and over

Book – Pride and Prejudice, can’t get enough of Mr Darcy! *le sigh*

TV Series – At the moment I’m addicted to The New Girl

Abs – Jake Gylenhall *blush*

Chocolate – I’m not picky, any type will do 😉

Place to relax – I like to read a book on my balcony overlooking a mountain.

Thanks lovely 🙂

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