Lesson learnt: Put superglue in handbag

Tomorrow it will be funny but today it is frustrating and a huge bummer – I have the worst luck with shoes, they have a habit of breaking….often!

On the weekend I went to the shops and my slop broke

About half an hour after getting into work this morning I saw that my wedge is now broken.

Two pairs in four days, the rate this is going I will need to have a super shoe spree this coming weekend.

But the weekend is still far and I have a broken shoe to compete with for the next seven hours or so. I am on the search for glue then it hit me, this happens SO often, this is the third time at work and I’m not sure how many times out of work it has happened sooo I need to carry superglue in my handbag.

I have literally everything else in there I may as well add one extra tube.

I have learnt three lessons and it’s so early in the morning, by five I will be a genius:

The Chinese mall has super pretty stuff but it is cheap crap!

Even expensive shoes don’t last forever and when worn by me they last even shorter than their estimated life span

ALWAYS carry superglue.

What have you learnt recently?




2 thoughts on “Lesson learnt: Put superglue in handbag

  1. I have an issue of straps breaking, and one time it was at a flashy event I ended up using a stapler to rectify it but now I always carry a few safety pins 🙂

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