Friends Favorites – Roxy

Today we find out what Roxy’s favorite’s are. She is the host of Citygirl Searching where she blogs all about finding out where she’s going and she captures all her adventures in between her search.


Item of makeup – This is a very tough one as I have a very unhealthy obsession with makeup, but my absolute favorite has got to be mascara. It’s the one thing when worn alone that does wonders!

Perfume – Currently I have reverted back to an old favorite, Hugo Boss Deep Red

Fashion label – If I had all the money in the world I would dress myself head to toe in Forever New and Jo Borkett, but as I did not become an overnight millionaire, I stick to Mr Price for new trends that don’t break the bank and Woolies for the classics

Movie – Thoroughly enjoyed Warrior, just enough action, drama and near tear moments to make this a new favorite

Book – I am a very nerdy bookworm, so this one was tough. But, I have just read The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay and loved every page.

TV Series – Modern Family has got to be my current fave, I just love Gloria

Abs – Most definately my handsome boyfriend, Dale Hutton 🙂

Chocolate – Lindt Chilli and Dark chocolate, heaven in a bite

Place to relax – Lazy island, Cambodia (If I was able to magic myself there with a click of my fingers) but I am all out of magic powers, so it would have to be on a blanket in the garden.

Thanks to Roxy for sharing with us, very interesting choices 🙂 Mr Price seems to be a big favorite amongst us girlies

Go pay her blog a visit, fantastic content and she is super sweet!

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