Decisions, dares and diamonds

The transition of 2011 to 2012 was one that was very much enjoyed by most of us, either partying up a storm, enjoying some family time or setting off fireworks with a few mates but then what happens on the very first day of January? Well for me it was a huge anticlimax. The realisation that now that the hype and excitement of the festive season is over, it’s time to look at the facts and face reality. Not much had changed during that transition! The Fairy Godmother who was supposed to appear and change my life at the strike of 12 had gotten lost along the way. Nothing had changed except the date, so basically the madness that I faced and dealt with last year begins all over again.

A few days into January and apparently that Fairy Godmother felt my longing for a change and has now presented me with a very big decision to make, a life changing one at that. As much as I wanted that change, I am now covered with fear and nerves, fear of leaving my comfort zone and nervous for what this new opportunity has in store for me! The opportunity seems to be a diamond in the rough, one never expects to actually find a diamond but when you do the excitement and fright it brings can be compared to very little.

The diamond I am talking about is a new job – not just any job, one that sounds a lot better than my current one, and also one that is three hours away from family and my comfort zone. Naturally this decision isn’t one to be taken lightly but the facts are that the pro’s seem to outweigh the con’s and maybe the further away I get from my normal and dull life the better it will turn out in the long run.

My decision is to dare myself to do this and see where it goes. Anybody else keen to take a dare with me? Whether it be big like mine or small like having a haircut, it could possibly change the path of 2012 dramatically or even a little bit.

Most of us dream of glamorous lives with not many worries, one full of diamonds and excitement; however majority of us dreamers will kick the gift horse in the mouth when it comes our way. Just as I have dared myself, I am daring you to just take one of the opportunities that are presented to you during this year – it may be the best or the worst thing you could possibly do but you will learn from it. Life is about learning so what are we waiting for? Believe in yourself, live your life, have fun!

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