My favorites

This will be the first of hopefully many small posts about ladies and their favorite things, their absolute favorite things. If you would like to participate then please feel free to email me: , I will include your URL  in the post to attract traffic to your blog.

So here goes my favorites – trust me it was SO hard to choose, I’m sure when I am lying in bed tonight I’ll think to myself, I shouldn’t have chosen that movie as my favorite, it should have been this one. You know what I’m talking about, as ladies we love alot of things and have too many favorites…


Item of makeup – Black eyeliner, I must ALWAYS have it with me!

Perfume – I am in love with so many right now, using Katy Perry, Christina and Paris Hilton at the moment, but my fave is Fergie Outspoken

Fashion label – Chanel, always stylish and gorgeous.

Movie – Tough one, I am the biggest chick flick and comedy fan but I chose PS I love you because it is the most touching, beautiful story. Even though it made me sob like a baby I really enjoyed it to the point that it always comes to mind when thinking of the best movies I’ve ever watched

Book – Dear John, a story of love, loss and a few other hurdles in between, an awesome read!

TV Series – for those who follow my blog will know that it was between Cougar Town and 90210 but I chose the latter because as much as Cougar Town makes me giggle, I just can’t get enough of the drama and fashion that is 90210

Abs – Hands down, Ryan Reynolds! Wowza

Chocolate – Probably the toughest decision because I am one of the biggest chocaholics but I went with Lindt Lindor because it’s a real treat

Place to relax – My newly found place as you would see in a post I did yesterday would be in the bath with luxurios products, the ultimate in relaxation

I’d love to know about all your faves, as this category is called “friends favorites” so do share 🙂

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