Heaven in the bath tub

I received some bath goodies as a Christmas present, I haven’t been much of a bath salts and bubbles kind of girl until I tried it!

On the very first day of 2012 I had the best bath I have ever had in my whole 22 years on this earth – it was relaxing and luxurious and felt heavenly. It took me a while to get out but when I did my skin felt soft and smooth, like the best kind of silk.

I am now a firm believer in crystals, salts and foams! The first thing I did this morning was check the Woolies site to see what they have on offer (I’m not sure what my brand of stuff is, so the next best thing is probably Woolies)

I am now wanting these products, like now!

Cashmere milk soak???? I’m sure this is what heavens baths have in them, with a vanilla scent I am sure I can’t go wrong with investing in this treasure…

Honeysuckle Bath salts

Vanilla and brown sugar foam bath (recomended by one of my lovelies on Twitter) Sounds delish…

Have you tried any of these? or do you have other suggetions of places/ products?

**Images via Woolies site

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