Yo 2012 what you got for me?

So it’s a tad bit late but I’m sure you understand, was an incredibly late night, or should I say early morning and I spent the whole day recovering from a rough party with some very awesome fun people… I also spent a little while as the sun was going down watching the stars appear and recapping the year that was 2011 – it was a crazy one as usual, some good things happened and some not so good but either way I learnt many lessons, had tons of laughs, took lots of pictures and met awesome people!

Of course with a new year comes the hopes that this will be the year that great things happen, the year that is mine… I plan on doing something with my fresh start so I’m sure great things will happen with some hard work and determination!

I wish all of you a fulfilling new year with more smiles than frowns and more ups than downs!

I’m also hoping to gain new followers and meet new blogger pals this year so spread the word, contact me and let’s chat 🙂


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