Super Fly Holmes

There are few things I say I need, normally it’s “I want”… But I need some of the items from the Holmes Bros range now on shelves at Mr P!

As I’ve mentioned before I think this idea is genius, not only does it get the designers trending but also introduces new styles and mixes into the the ever changing and exciting world of fashion.

The Holmes Bros are one of my personal favorites, being from Durban they have establised a chilled yet funky vibe to their clothes which are comfy and always on trend.

The collection is called Fly Holmes (cool right?) and is available in selected stores, to view the list visit the Mr P site

Here are a few of my favorites ( I need the pineapple dress and feather tunic!)

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Which is your favorite?

All images from

To view the rest of the range and what else is on offer follow the above link 🙂

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