My weekend

This weekend was definately one of my favorites – not only was it long but it was busy and filled with lots of laughs and memories

I saw Locnville for the first time – it was orrrsome! they kept me moving throughout their set and made me love them even more than I did before I saw them live…

If I hadn’t already chosen alllllllll my Christmas presents I would have requested a better camera, this one did the job but not nearly as well as I would have liked..

That was after the last song (boyfriend reckons it looks like he just won idols)

The Arrows also performed – second time I have seen them and I have two words, RAD and CRAZY! They know how to have fun and entertain the crowd!

You can almoooost tell from this picture what a great performance it was, they interact with the crowd and they really just put their whole heart into it.

The singer and I 🙂 yay!

From concerts and body shaking to makeover….

My friend, the makeup artist (mentioned her on here a few times) had an idea and wanted to try it on me, this is the end result…

Those are the highlights of my weekend, in between there was shopping and wrapping gifts, listening to awesome music, board games and wine with friends 🙂 one of the best of the year

How was yours? what did you get up to?

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