Lesson learnt: Disappointment

I haven’t done a lesson learnt post for a while, probably because the things I have learnt recently haven’t been much to write about but disappointment on the other hand is something everyone goes through numerous times during their life span and is also something that actually never gets easier to deal with.

I have a tendency to really set my heart on everything and when it doesn’t happen or happens in a different order then I feel sorry for myself…

Recently I have had many disappointments in all forms such as my studies being delayed, putting my heart and soul into writing a short story for a competition and not making it into the Top 12, etc. Unfortunately all of these have caused a major ball of “life is unfair” in the pit of my stomach but today I dealt with another disappointment but handled it in a different way – which I think will be a positive in my life. Basically instead of getting angry at the God’s, at Mother Nature, at Murphy and whoever else could possibly be involved I decided to Keep calm and carry on, in actual fact when I say carry on I mean carry on with more determination than ever before, with more oomph that I have ever had just because this is enough to frustrate me no end but I don’t want to get upset, I want to fight back and be able to look back and be proud that instead of curling up into a ball for a day or two putting on extra kilos, I accomplished many things with a smile on my face. It’s a cliche I know but hopefully this can help you in your moment of disappointment, instead of asking “why” everytime, just hit back harder than you think you can – you will surprise yourself and eventually it will happen

So the lesson learnt is: Life is a bitch but it’s how you handle her that will determine your path. Cover the disappointment with determination


2 thoughts on “Lesson learnt: Disappointment

  1. Hello lovely,

    We all have our moments…and it seems so difficult at the time (one doesn’t really know how to snap out of it!) But, just remember, we all have a purpose in life…some different than others.
    I think you’re a great writer – don’t let anyone or anything make you feel different about that.


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