7 Random facts about me

So the lovely Ilana from lollipops and lavender tagged me in her her “7 random facts about me” post – I learnt a few new things about her and will now share a few randoms about myself which you probably don’t know

>> I am petrified of dentists – to the point that I actually want to cry before going to one.

>> I am an extremely fussy eater

>> I am in the process of researching any and everything to do with Dita Von Teese because I just love her!

>> I’m a complete softie, and I don’t speak up for myself which results in people walking all over me (working on it)

>> I have a serious handbag and shirt/top problem – I have SO many but continue to buy more

>> I am an only child – it really really really sucks!

>> I grew up in Johannesburg and moved to Durban for High School. I have never been to Cape Town but would kill to go, like now!

I think those are pretty random and I think you probably didn’t know any of it, except for the Cape Town thing because I am always on about it on Twitter.

So now I should probably tag some ladies to keep up the trend, and to find out some new things about my favorite bloggers 🙂

Bobbylicious, Nicole Warr, Che Kershaw, Amber, Nina

That’s all I can think of for now, if you are not there, please don’t think you are not my favorite, those are the ones that popped into my mind…please do participate 🙂





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