7 things I loved this year

Happy 1st of December and happy silly season – before we know it we will be relaxing and enjoying family time. This is really my favorite time of year because everyone is on the same wave length, everyone wants to spend time with family, everyone dreads the shopping malls and everyone can’t wait for the office to close, whether it’s for a week or a month.

I am now recalling my favorite moments of this year and urge you to do the same and share them because these are our memories, these are the stories we will be sharing when we have a mouth full of false teeth..

Here are my seven, in no particular order, share yours in the comments section

>>> I got to see Crash Car Burn live on a beautiful sunday afternoon at Botanic Gardens

>>> I was chosen to be an intern for online magazine www.all4women.co.za

>>> One of my articles was published in Saltwater Girl Magazine, with a mention on the front cover as well – HUGE moment for me, first time my name was in print

>>> Went to my first proper fashion show and I loved every second of it, I would attend fashion shows everyday if I could

>>> I started this blog and have been happy that I did ever since

>>> I had my first ever spa day – Pure bliss!

>>> I have been really lucky with competitions that I have entered and have won some really awesome things (before this year I had won nothing….ever!)

So those are my moments, sure there are plenty more but none pop to mind right now 🙂


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