My happy place

I really had no idea in May of this year when I started my blog (my boyfriends idea by the way) how much joy this little world would bring me.

Besides giving me a platform to air my views, get writing practice and hopefully create a name for myself in the writing/magazine industry it has done so much more than that.

Firstly I have my blog followers – without them I am not sure this whole blogging thing would be as rewarding but they sure have made it worth my while and keep me going…. In a way it gives me confidence that I can and will make it in the writing world because there are some out there who may enjoy my writing style or my writing ideas.

Then obviously I have the frequent supporters, they come in the form of anybody willing to do interviews with me, commentors, and anyone who gives tips or advice to do with blogging.

Besides running my own blog, I have found many blogs that I love to read, through these blogs I have learnt many things I would never have anywhere else, I have gotten to know a few awesome people and have stayed inspired to keep my blog going to get to a point where it may actually become popular like some of the blogs I follow.

Basically in a very short amount of time my blog has become my happy place, anything that happens, anything I do, I wonder to myself if this is “blog worthy” and when I haven’t blogged for a few days I feel like something is missing. I literally have a routine in the mornings which consists of a blog post “on this day in fashion history” that I do while drinking coffee and before I do anything else.  I have learnt new things about myself.

I hope to one day telling you all about my exciting life as a features writer for a well known magazine 🙂

Thanks to all of you who follow, comment, inspire and help – it is appreciated beyond words and I send you much love!


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