Current Obsessions

1: The red lips, black hair combination

2: The Pussycat Dolls workout DVD – it worked me in places I have never been worked before, and yes it is quite PCD music videoish but a good workout

3: Like the rest of Durban I am loving Wakaberry (frozen yoghurt with toppings) – but it must be strawberry flavour with a sour worm

4: My Gobii eReader, I am a total bookworm and have now converted from paperback to technology

5: Bright eyes – eyeshadow colours I wouldn’t normally use at all, mixing and matching, that sort of thing

6: Brochures – all the christmas ones are out now and soon I will be conquering the malls and doing my shopping, nice to see what’s on offer, where.

Those are my current obsessions, what are yours?


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