Farewell Cougar Town

It was a sad evening last night as it was the finale of season 2 of Cougar Town – Yes I know, there will be a season 3 but my Wednesday nights will not be the same now!

I love Cougar Town for so many reasons – a total crazy bunch that does crazy shizz, my kinda people!

To bid farwell I have rounded up a few of my favorite one liners from season 2

If someone was up on my man like that. I would lace up my ass kicking boots. – Laurie

I hope I never pee this out – Jules (while drinking wine)

I don’t believe in ghosts, because if they were real I’d like to think that I would be felt up all the time – Jules

The idea if us all vacationing together is so bad, I’m making up a word: gagbysmal – Grayson

No one who says “coolie” is cool. That’s why Coolio is named Coolio – Laurie

Please hurry season 3!!!

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