7 things about life

I am never short on words for this topic – such a complex, frustrating, exciting joyride.. LIFE

>> There are many people that will attempt to rip you off, let you down or just irritate you but you have to just get strong from today onwards so you can eventually look those faulty people directly in the eyes and say eff you!

>> The lane you are in will always seem like it’s moving the slowest in traffic

>> Unless you speak up then no one will know how you really feel

>> Everyone has that really stupid person on BBM or facebook and it’s best to just delete them – it may sound mean, but trust me the relief afterwards overcomes any feelings of guilt

>> Nothing will happen when you are prepared – that’s just life

>> We will never understand the other sex – I think that was the intention

>> Life expects you to get off your ass and make it happen – I think it’s kinda lazy to do it for you

I could carry on and on and on but it’s called 7 things

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