Fashion History – 2005 CHANEL

Karl Lagerfeld recreated the Chanel No.5 ad on the catwalk for Paris fashion week in 2005, the show displayed tweed two-pieces, chain strapped handbags, grey silk evening gowns embelisshed with lace and sparkly chiffon cocktail dresses, which naturally left everyone impressed at Lagerfeld’s endless talent. **Images  

My happy place

I really had no idea in May of this year when I started my blog (my boyfriends idea by the way) how much joy this little world would bring me. Besides giving me a platform to air my views, get writing practice and hopefully create a name for myself in the writing/magazine industry it has … More My happy place

Current Obsessions

1: The red lips, black hair combination 2: The Pussycat Dolls workout DVD – it worked me in places I have never been worked before, and yes it is quite PCD music videoish but a good workout 3: Like the rest of Durban I am loving Wakaberry (frozen yoghurt with toppings) – but it must … More Current Obsessions