What’s in my bag

So Natalie from Tails of a Mermaid has started a trend, so everyone is sharing what’s in their bag, it’s fun to see what everyone else carries around and also amazes me how much girls can fit into really small bags, I am a big bag girl, always have lots of things in it but always need more space…

Tadum that is my bag …. from Mr Price

and those are the contents…

Makeup bag



Fergie body lotion

Katy Perry Purr perfume

Pocket tissues


Passport (My ID got stolen and well it’s a mission to replace it, I know..I will)

Blackberry charger


Boyfriends wallet (No I don’t get to use ALL the money)

Dentist appointment card (Filling! Help!)

Leaf earrings (my fave ones at the moment)

Concert ticket from last weekend

Interpret Durban ticket from like a month ago (I clean my bag out monthly :o)

Revlon foundation



That’s what’s in my bag…I may or may not be a little junk storer who doesnt have a tidy bag.

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