The weight issue

There is SO much debate about what is considered plus size, and if these so called “plus sized” women should be covering our magazines and strutting their stuff on the catwalks?

I may be young and naive BUT beauty isn’t all about pants size!

Which leads me to my next question…why must we always profile someone? Some of the models that we see wearing all the top brands are sickly skinny, yet they are just referred to as models, but an average girl is referred to as plus size.

 I came across this magazine cover on women24,

Robyn Lawley is the beautiful lady on the cover and is considered a plus size model

Firstly, she looks great and if that’s what plus size is all about then I want in!

Secondly, she is probably happier than most models because she can actually EAT and live her life without obsessing about weight and if she’ll be too fat for her next job.

Thirdly, can we please have more magazine covers like this? maybe the pressure will be lifted off women to be perfectly skinny with no cellulite like most magazines, catwalks and models display

Robyn is a real women, not a stick like figure and teaches us a valuable lesson, even if you are “plus size”, you can still feel and look amazing!

This is how a women should look, curvacious, confident, comfortable and nourised!

What are your views on this topic?


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