Friday Favorite: Cleo Droomer range

The Cleo Droomer range from Mr Price

Cleo is the 2010 winner of the Elle New Talent Design competition and has designed a fresh, original and cool range for Mr Price

This concept by Mr Price is a great one – allowing a platform for South African designers as well as providing an excitement and buzz for the consumer. The range is a limited edition and is only stocked at selected stores which leaves us rather flustered in an attempt to find the right store and the perfect size, also giving the few lucky ones a feeling of achievement that they are wearing a limited edition, and chances of seeing one hundred people in the same outfit as you are quite slim.

I’m assuming the limited edition range from Aggy was a success and Mr P is going to carry on with this trend, no complaints from my side!

Kelly, the winner of this years Elle competition is next in line to design a range, expect gorgeous garments from this talented lady. Keep your eyes and ears open for the lines to come.

Here is a little teaser of whats on offer from the Cleo Droomer range, hurry, like I said it’s a limited edition and went into stores during the week.

To check out the rest of the range as well as what else Mr P has on offer click here

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