Interpret Durban

This was an event that took place at Durban City Hall, I was really amped for it, considering there was a rad band lineup, a fashion show, art and photos on display and DJ’s

I must say I was a little disappointed – not with the art or the designs but with the way the actual event was run.

It’s embarassing to admit but I have never been to City Hall which meant that I had no idea to go and there was no help – no one guiding you, no arrows showing you where everythings happening or where the toilets are which was one of the biggest reasons I was disappointed with Street Scenes organisation of the event.

Secondly, when going to an event like this, I assume that there’s been some sort of rehearsal and that on the night everything will run smoothly and flow, but this was not the case. The fashion show was probably the worst one I’ve seen (again, not because of the designs, they were all pretty amazing) but everyone had to wait around for the music to start while the guy on the stage was totally put on the spot and started rambling (he did well in the situation) there was no ramp, it was like a school stage so basically the models walked from side to side and not towards us, resulting in a side view mostly, the models were late, obviously they weren’t given enough time to change and in my opinion I couldn’t enjoy it properly because of the lack of flow.

Then there was a little boy who sang (amazing voice, gave me goosies) but the music started before he was ready and he kind of had to just join in.

Did I mention that this was a contest and there were prizes up for grabs to the few who best interpreted Durban, so you walk around and look at the photos on display, watch the artists doing their thing on canvases and surfboards and watch the video entries – all of which was really really awesome! Just after the video entries, before they going to announce the winners the MC announces that three, yes a whole three of the artworks got lost in transit ie. from point A to B. Can you imagine being one of the three artists whose hard work and effort just got “lost” I would be pissed! He continues to say that they will hold a facebook competition where they will award the winner with R1000 um hello the prizes, according to the flyer says prizes to the value of over R30 000. Talk about getting ripped off.

Anyway I didn’t stay much longer as there wasn’t much seating and I just didn’t get into it.

I must say that we have amazing talent in Durbs and the peeps did a good job on interpreting our awesome city. Well Done to all of them

The idea was good, a little more effort put in would have resulted in a cool evening for us Durbanites

I’d love to hear your thoughts, if you attended



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