How about them pineapples

Pineapples are one of the biggest print trends this season and let me just say, I love it! Pineapples are more than just a trend to me – they are fruity amazingness. Give me anything pineapple and I am a happy lady, in fact, I recently started adding pineapple to my salad – life changing. Now I just need to add it my cupboard…

You won’t walk into the top fashion retailers without spotting something with a pineapple on it so here is some inspiration



Jessica Weber


Hopefully I have learnt my lesson

I feel like crap! I have a headache, I feel hungry but also not hungry, I feel so tired and lazy and all I want to do is get into my bed and sleep this day away.

It is, of course, my own fault that I feel like this because after weeks of eating well and regular exercise I fell off the bandwagon because it was my birthday, but I didn’t stop at one slice of birthday cake and I didn’t let my birthday last one day, I celebrated a birthday week, ate like there was no tomorrow and did absolutely NO exercise.

I could kick myself because I know how good I was feeling and how well I was doing and I just gave all that progress up for bad food that has made me feel so sick.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t let this happen when I started the challenge, I wanted old habits behind me and I wanted to be a health & fitness freak, I wanted to be that annoying person who constantly tells everybody about their progress and show off the healthy lunch I ate, and I was that person for so long until the old me just crept back into my mind and took over totally!

As I write this I could cry because I just feel so awful and am filled with anger, disappointment and regret. To say I am feeling sorry for myself is an understatement but I am trying to get up, I am looking online for inspiration, I am re-looking at all the transformation pictures I saved when I started the challenge and despite feeling so crap, I am trying to psych myself up to get back on track.

I know that I can do this, I have no doubt in my strength, I just HAVE to get my mind right, I need to stay focused on my goals and I need to remember this feeling every time I want to eat all the junk food so that I won’t even go there because it really is not worth it.

It is the beginning of a new week and there is no better time to start something, so this week I will start all over again and I will begin working on my mind set.

Hopefully I have learnt my lesson, hopefully there will be no more posts like this in the future and hopefully I can get rid of those old habits for good!



WIA Challenge update

So we are well into the Well I am challenge and I have really settled into my new lifestyle – I am always prepared, I read labels, I don’t overdo anything and I am exercising regularly. Surprisingly, it has been an easy transition from my old ways and I am enjoying the feeling of being “clean” despite a few cheats here and there. I have also stopped counting the days because as much as this is a challenge, I am not going to go back to my old lifestyle when the 100 days are up so there really is no need to keep my eye on the calendar. I have also stopped focusing on the scale because after a very rough patch (of gaining a few grams after a really good week and almost going into depression mode about it) I seeked advice and it was all the same – don’t weigh, measure! So overall the challenge is going well for me.

I can’t tell you how much I have lost, I can’t see a difference yet BUT I can feel a difference which is actually the most important thing. I haven’t measured in about two weeks and haven’t taken an updated photo so I actually can’t tell you where I am but I can tell you how amazing I am feeling. I have said it a thousand times and I will say it again, why would I choose to be unfit and unhealthy when being the alternative feels so damn good? A few moments of enjoyment cause tiredness and laziness whereas a good workout, while tough during it, makes you feel so good after that I will let that become my new addiction any day rather than obsessive and addictive eating.

I have learnt a lot as well, about myself, about food, about training so I thought I would share that;

- Even when you are lazy or had a hard day rather cook your food at home, you really don’t have an idea what is in premade food or takeaways.

- Water is SO important

- Even when you think you can’t go anymore, if you push yourself, the proud feeling afterwards is worth more than the sweat and tears

- Don’t overdo it, my first week and a half I didn’t take a rest day but I learnt very quickly how important those rest days are

- There are always ways to curb cravings whether it be with a healthy substitute or just going for a walk and getting your mind off it

- The right workout shoes are extremely important

- Preparation is key

- Don’t dread anything, don’t dread your workout and going home to prepare your dinner and food for the next day, just get your mind focused

- Weight training for woman works

- Missing a week of training really can take you three steps backwards so do your best to keep at it

- One slip up or cheat doesn’t mean you are doomed, it means you are human

Overall the Well I am challenge so far has been nothing but good.

Well I am will be hosting a Well I chat session on their Facebook page where anyone (not only challengers) can chat to the experts and ask any questions you have always wanted answers to. I will certainly be making use of this because while I have learnt a lot so far, there is still so much to learn.


Let’s talk about depression

Waking up to the news of the death of Robin Williams was a shock – he was a great, he was talented and he seemed to have it all (we would think that with him being a famous actor and all) but all the reports and articles point out that he didn’t, he may have had the money, the fame, the wife, the fans but he didn’t have a happy heart and mind – he suffered with severe depression, which is most likely the reason for him committing suicide.

The saddest part of all of this is the fact that Robin Williams, I mean ROBIN FREAKEN WILLIAMS felt like he had no way out but to end his life. We will never know what went through his head in his last moments and we will never know the pain he has suffered dealing with depression but now we MUST know how real and severe depression is. Depression now has a face – a face we grew up loving and laughing with, a face who one would look at but never know the struggle behind the eyes and the smile.

I honestly didn’t know he suffered with depression, but that is the problem, most of the time we don’t know who is suffering with depression, even if they are those closest to us because it is not something that is easily spoken about, it doesn’t roll of the tongue like an everyday sickness like flu does. It is not easy to admit you have depression and part of that reason is because there is so much judgment and so little understanding about this disease.

Nobody can fully understand what a depressed person goes through, the serious lows and the ups that never really get to a point high enough, the feeling of loneliness despite being surrounded by people, the feeling of life constantly letting you down, the black hole you feel like you are in with no possible escape.

I speak about depression like I know all about it and that is because I do – I suffer with depression and my mother suffers with bipolar disorder so I know all about suffering with it and loving someone who is suffering with it. It takes patience, it takes understanding, it takes knowledge to be the support system of a depressed loved one. It is a tiring disease, trying to constantly keep yourself up when everything in your body is pushing you down, sometimes without any reason.

Believe me when I say depression is not a form of attention seeking – no one wants to feel like this! It is also not something any would choose so let’s just get that out of our heads.

When depression chooses you the only thing you can hope for is to be surrounded by people who will understand and support you, who will listen and do their best to put any judgment aside

Robin Williams inspired this post and while his death is a tragedy and extremely sad, I really do feel there are numerous lessons behind it – Money and fame can’t buy happiness and depression is a very real disease that millions suffer with and the world needs to acknowledge, support and help each other rather than to judge and not believe in its seriousness.

Let’s respect the disease and respect those who suffer from it!


Give me all the Adidas

So I am currently enjoying a sports chic and casual style (comfort first) and I find myself wishing for sneakers, joggers and all sorts of other sporty gear. ADIDAS rocks at bringing out fashion-forward and cool product so on top of my new style wish list is some of the ADIDAS Originals Womenswear range, which happens to be in-store now (birthday month)
adidas Originals_photograph by Lee Maomi_01 adidas Originals_photograph by Lee Maomi_02 adidas Originals_photograph by Lee Maomi_03 adidas Originals_photograph by Lee Maomi_04 adidas Originals_photograph by Lee Maomi_05 adidas Originals_photograph by Lee Maomi_06
You get why I am obsessed now right?
Photographer: Lee Maomi
Stylist: Bee Diamondhead
Models: Aminat Ayinda and Kayla Kuyler



John Legend is coming to Durban


I can finally get excited for a concert because a) it is coming to Durban and b) it is John Legend. I am a big fan of his music and he is definitely one of the performers I have always wanted to see live, in fact, he is pretty close to the top of my list (Taylor Swift being number 1, note to Big Concerts)

John Legend will be coming to Durban in November as part of his stripped down “All of me” concert.

Ticket prices start at R225.

Durban let’s do this. Let’s show that international acts can pull a crowd so that we get more and more of them visiting our shores.